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Sanrio UV Decal Sticker Peekers

Sanrio UV Decal Sticker Peekers

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Elevate your car with Sanrio UV decal sticker peekers. These feature cute Sanrio characters will easily adhere to any flat surface adding flair and durability to your lifestyle so you can  enjoy your product longer!

Aproximate Size: 3-4" x 2.5-3"

- ULTRA LONG LASTING! UV, weather and water resistant vinyl decals that can last up to 5 years indoors and outdoors with proper application and care.

- Great for smooth surfaces like car bumpers, windows, laptops, phones, tablets, water bottles, journals, gifts, etc.

❤Installation instruction❤
Clean the surface with 70% isopropyl. Once the surface is dry, apply the decal from one direction with a squeegee to avoid bubbles. It's best to apply in warm temperature.

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